Winter Relax
Winter Relax
$4000 Leaderboards
$4000 Leaderboards
Dream Drop 1M
Dream Drop 1M
100% Weekend Reload
100% Weekend Reload
Freespins for deposits
Freespins for deposits
Spinomenal €500,000
Spinomenal €500,000
$100 every day!
$100 every day!
Deposit bonus for PerfectMoney
Deposit bonus for PerfectMoney
Pragmatic Network Promotion
Pragmatic Network Promotion
Cashback 10%
Cashback 10%
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Bonus Hunt on Quickspin slots
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Chat for casino players
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VIP club at RedStar

$100 every day for the slot champion!

RedStar Casino is presenting a special promotion for slot fans. You have a chance to win $100 every day based on the multiplier you get on any slot game! Just choose your favorite slot

The best monthly multiplier receives $200 additionally!

You do not need to be a big-money player to become a daily slot champion - win big! How much you won compared to how much you bet - is all we're counting for this new promotion.

The Leaderboard is updated every 10 minutes. Stay tuned!

November 2022

Date Prize Top score
01 Nov
$100 Данил Ч x2108.70 Wild Pistolero MegaFire Blaze
02 Nov
$100 Александр М x1545.20 Hotel Yeti-Way
03 Nov
$100 Кирилл К x1950.90 Templar Tumble 2 Dream Drop
04 Nov
$100 LEONID T x2835.00 Immortal Romance
05 Nov
$100 Алексей Л x2013.50 Wild Linx
06 Nov
$100 Карина Х x1098.80 Hades
07 Nov
$100 Александр М x1066.40 Mystery Museum
08 Nov
$100 SERGEY K x1974.10 Fire Hopper
09 Nov
$100 Иван Ч x11396.60 Diamonds of the Realm
10 Nov
$100 Lubos K x1337.65 Dead Riders Trail
11 Nov
$100 Alexandr I x2332.05 Rise of Olympus 100
12 Nov
$100 Denis V x2525.00 Wheel of Wonders
13 Nov
$100 SERGEY Y x1114.70 Templar Tumble 2 Dream Drop
14 Nov
$100 юра р x2176.30 Wheel of Wonders
15 Nov
$100 Равиль Х x3147.40 Big Bamboo
16 Nov
$100 Lubos K x2778.60 Gigantoonz
17 Nov
$100 Mikhail Z x1811.20 Templar Tumble 2 Dream Drop
18 Nov
$100 vadim m x2173.40 Sweet Bonanza
19 Nov
$100 Aleksandr M x1227.25 San Quentin
20 Nov
$100 Viktor K x5022.20 Cash of Command
21 Nov
$100 Юрий З x1417.10 Lovely Lady Deluxe
22 Nov
$100 Pavel M x5540.00 Big Bamboo
23 Nov
$100 эдуард г x2818.30 Little Bighorn
24 Nov
$100 Roy R x2135.00 Fortune Craft
25 Nov
$100 Жанна Ф x248395.70 Dream Drop Diamonds
26 Nov
$100 Katsiaryna V x2160.00 Book of 99
27 Nov
$100 Анатолий Х x1569.90 Dork Unit
28 Nov
$100 Egor G x1439.90 Fire Hopper
29 Nov
30 Nov

Terms and conditions:

  • Leaderboard is running every day (GMT) for RedStar players exclusively

  • Only multipliers on slots are taken for the Leaderboard. Slots in a desktop casino, mobile casino and casino in poker client are taken

  • Multiplier is calculated as follows: payout amount dividing by bet amount displayed as x000.00. Only real money gameplay is qualified for the promotion

  • To qualify for the promotion, a player's bet must be placed on ALL lines. The minimum qualifying bet is 0.10$, 0.10€, 5₽, 0.70¥, 3₴

  • If a player buys or rebuys any symbol, function or bonus game, the cost of his buy or rebuy would be taken as his bet's amount (not the initial bet)

  • In case two or more players receive the exact best daily or monthly multipliers, prizes of $100 or $200 are split among all best multipliers

  • All prizes have NO wagering requirements and are paid within 24 hours after promotion day is over. For example, the prizes for Friday, Saturday and Sunday are paid on Monday.

  • The top prize for the best monthly multiplier will be credited within 5 days after each month is over. In case the winner of the month has been blocked in a casino during the month, his result is disqualified, and the prize is paid to the second-best multiplier

  • In case participant of promotion will be found colluding or abusing promotion in any way or otherwise behaving unethically, he will be excluded from the promotion and notified by e-mail

  • RedStar reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any promotion at its discretion